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Osborne: "It's time to honor Solich"

Steven M. Sipple, who covers Nebraska football for "Husker Extra" website, recently asked Tom Osborne if there were any plans in the works to honor former head coach Frank Solich.

Osborne responded, "I talked to Frank about that (Friday) morning, and would really like to do that, the big problem has been finding the right time to do it. But we're trying to find a time when we might be able to do something like that."

Solich has been pretty busy at Ohio competing for MAC championships recently, but Osborne is convinced that time has come to recognize Solich, who is the type of coach who likes to stay out of the limelight.

"I think he needs to be recognized here, if you look at that six-year period when he was a coach here, golly, they went to two BCS bowls, played for a national championship, won the Big 12 championship, and won 75 percent of his games. That's difficult to do."

When asked what Solich thought of the idea Osborne responded "He didn't say no".