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Pac 12 changes ruling on the field gives USC a touchdown

Several hours after the game was over, in what a USC official called a "collaborative effort between the Pac 12 and USC" (what???), the Pac 12 announced that officials on the field got the call wrong.

The situation involved Utah's attempt to tie the game with a field goal at the end of their game with USC. USC blocked the field goal attempt, scooped it up and raced for a touchdown on the final play of the game. The USC sideline poured onto the field and officials dropped yellow multiple times. On the field, the officials disallowed the touchdown and ruled the game over (USC 17 - Utah 14).

Late last night, the Pac 12 put this statement on their website:

The blocked field goal and return for touchdown at the end of today's Pac-12 football game between USC and Utah was ruled a touchdown by game officials, making the final score 23-14, not 17-14 as originally reported.

Statement from Pac-12 Officiating Consultant Mike Pereira: "The new Unsportsmanlike Conduct rule is Rule 9, Section 2, Article 1. It states that Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls by players are administered as either live ball or dead ball fouls depending on when they occur. The rule does not apply to substitutes. All Unsportsmanlike Conduct fouls by substitutes are enforced as dead ball fouls. Since the game was over, the penalty could not be enforced and the referee stated it was declined by rule. The officials did rule it a touchdown making the final score 23-14."

New final score, USC 23 - Utah 14.

Quick note > Want to see acceleration and top end #4 scoop and score.