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Pac-12 establishes their new contact policy aimed at player safety

The Pac-12 conference and its football coaches have agreed to a new contact policy that stretches beyond the limits of those already in place by the NCAA.

Specific changes for the fall include;
- Limiting teams to two full contact practices per week during the regular season
- Limiting contact in two-a-days during the preseason
- Limiting contact during spring practices to two per week.

To help craft these changes, the Pac-12 worked closely with coaches and medical personnel. commissioner Larry Scott explained.

"“Our coaches support the new parameters and their feedback helped us strike an important balance that limits contact across all seasons, but allows for our teams to be sharp and compete at the highest level." 

The conference also announced partnerships with USA Football and its Heads Up Football program in an effort to mold a safer environment from the youth through high school levels. Expect to see a handful of head coaches participating in public service announcements talking about the importance of proper form in the coming months.

A Student-Athlete Health initiative, and Head Trauma Task Force will also be put in motion with the aim of improving the well being of student-athletes through research and technology. Pac-12 teams will participate in programs like putting computer chips in shoulder pads to track movements and impact in order to help research concerns and improve player safety.

Read the full release from the Pac-12 here.