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Pac 12 Tour - Cal & the 49ers


Friday morning began with a tour of the new football facilities at Cal. The field and the stadium will be "game-ready" for their home opener this season. 

The coaches offices are now all within the stadium (Tedford just moved into his earlier this week). All within the stadium, we toured the coaches / operations area (which includes a nice production studio and an impressive video office fully decked out with all of the latest...compliments of XOS).


Each of the position meeting rooms likewise has what has now become standard digital technology built into it. Training table is on this main level as well. One floor below we toured the new locker room, players lounge (which was pretty nice), the weight room, team meeting room, etc...


We drove down to Santa Clara for lunch with some of the coaches with the 49ers. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman gave us the tour and then we had lunch with Roman, offensive line coach Tim Drevno and defensive coordinator / mastermind Vic Fangio. Coach Harbaugh joined us for a few minutes as well. One thing we picked up on was the cohesion between the coaching staff and the personnel guys. These guys are all focused on winning the Superbowl, they are working together to get there and they are close. 

One interesting note from the 49ers facility (which was designed by Bill Walsh) is that both the offense and the defensive staffs have their own staff / war rooms surrounded by the four position coaches offices with sliding glass doors to each. Slightly dated style wise, but extremely wise and efficient design. 

It was now time to head over to Palo Alto to spend the rest of the with the staff at Stanford.