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Pac 12 Tour - Day One

So, yes, the trip really began Monday. Other than running into Drew Brees in the Houston airport, the highlight of the day was Joey Restaurant in Seattle. Right on Lake Union... Good recommendation from the UW coaches.

Tuesday morning we (Scott and Mike from @OT_Software) spent about 45 minutes with UW athletic director Scott Woodward and then we visited with the football staff. No denying the positive vibe in the place. The stadium is being completely renovated and an entirely new football ops building is being constructed as well. Just's going to be hard to compete w Sark and crew once this is done (prior to 2013 season). 

Side note> Brilliant, and appreciated, move by UW staff having the cheerleading squad working out during our tour of the weight room. 

Secondary side note> Watching the UW staff's eyes light up as Mike demo'd his software reminded me exactly of what I did the first time I saw their software. It's that good. 

Full tour of their facilities ensued, including a viewing of where Sark docks his boat. All as good as expected. Seriously, come 2013 season these guys are going to be a force. 

We spent this afternoon and tonight with the coaches at Oregon State. I had never been to Corvallis before. It's a very nice town. The facilities have been improved significantly over the past few seasons and are impressive for this smaller market. 

Full facility tour followed by dinner with the staff at the training table (food was very good...loved the potstickers). A few of the guys joined us in downtown Corvallis to ensure the beverages being served were truly frosty (they were). Great night. Coach Riley was nice enough to invite us back tomorrow morning to discuss a few ideas with the staff. 

After we finish up at State, we'll head south to Eugene. The rest of the day will be spent with the Oregon staff. Real time updates (with pictures) on Twitter all day. 

Stay tuned for more Pac 12 tour highlights...