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Pac-12 Tour - UCLA


A few months back Jim L. Mora was hired to lead the UCLA football program back to glory. He quickly loaded his staff with some talented recruiters, some excellent game planners and some bright young coaches. The question is can they attract the talent they need to win consistently in Westwood.

Touring UCLA's campus you see a beautiful campus in a great part of town. Their football facilities have been recently refreshed.

The weight room, although below ground and slightly dim; is well designed and outfitted. 

IMG 0863
IMG 0857

The locker room is in great shape. 

IMG 0873

The coaches' offices have the right feel (and show the right messages...plenty of NFL scouts here to see you and "Beat SC").

IMG 0889
IMG 0891

People say the practice fields are an issue as they are land-locked; but they have just about as much space as everyone else (except for Oregon...who actually uses their indoor nearly all the time) has. No indoor; but...this is Los Angeles.

IMG 0878
IMG 0879

The Rose Bowl is something to see; but to do so you have drive about 40 minutes away.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with the facilities at UCLA.

We'll conclude this quick report back where we started...can Mora and his staff attract the talent they need to win. One of the assistants we spoke with told us the reception he's received once he moved to UCLA from his former school has been night and day "Guys that really weren't interested before are now calling us." As we all know, the future lies in the talent you can land. Coach Mora and the staff need to capture some momentum and then ride that back to the top.