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Packers ask Big Ten about title game at Lambeau

The Green Bay Packers are interested in hosting a potential Big Ten conference championship game at Lambeau Field.

"We'd be very interested," Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said. "The Big Ten has got such history and tradition, and to have a championship in Lambeau Field would be tremendous. It'd be good for our community and good for college football to have it in such a historic venue."

"Early December, that's balmy in Green Bay," Murphy joked. "To me, that's part of the attraction of college football, to play in the elements. We're going to have a Super Bowl in New York in February, so it's not that much different."

The logistics could be challenging. Green Bay isn't a huge place and it's not as centralized as Indianapolis, Detroit or even Cleveland. Finding enough hotel rooms for two teams and two fan bases would be tough.