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Pat Fitzgerald: Probably the best conditioned team we've had

After the first practice of camp at Northwestern, Pat Fitzgerald said the Wildcats are further along than they’ve ever been with their conditioning.

“This is probably the best conditioned team we’ve had. This summer, we went to some smaller groups, similar to what we do in our winter workouts. More focused. All the workouts were in the morning. It facilitated a little bit better structure to their summer, so the guys could hold each other accountable. We’re further along, conditioning-wise, than we’ve been.”

“This is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ve always done a really dynamic post-practice stretch. We’re really going to try to take care of our legs.”

“I think our program is at a point where we understand what it takes to be successful.” 

Northwestern opens the season at Vanderbilt on September 4th.

You can watch Coach Fitz' interview here.