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Pat Fitzgerald talks about money and text messaging

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald has a thought about alleviating the financial pressures on college football players.

Fitzgerald told ESPN, “What's the easiest way to do it? Get their tax returns, get their family's tax returns and then create a scale.”

“That's one thing I thought about. Create a scale. If you're whatever percent above, you don't get anything. If you're below it, then you get (funds) based on your need. There's the easiest thing to do. To base it on revenue generated for a school, no way, no way. Now we're not talking about amateur sports."

It’s an interesting thought, one that Fitzgerald could probably expand much more upon.

Fitz also offered his opinion on text messaging. We’re sure some coaches would definitely agree with Fitz on this one.

He said, "We don't need to text message. I think the quality of life factor for the student-athletes we realize when we had it, and on the coaching side when we had the ability to text message was awful for both sides. I'm not for that. I'm not for that for our assistant coaches. I do like the ability to communicate with the kids and build a relationship, and we can do that right now via Facebook, so we don't need it.”

On Wednesday, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said the text messaging just makes sense. Slive said it’s ridiculous that text messages have caused probations. In reality, that’s how young people communicate, so you might as well text.

If only they could come to a happy medium where coaches couldn't and wouldn't feel obligated to send "recruiting" texts. But that's not going to happen.