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Pat Washington explains what drew him to Mizzou

Pat Washington is about as well established and well traveled of a receivers coach as there is. He's mentored some great players, numerous NFL veterans, and knows a quality environment when he sees it.

Washington's coaching stops include Auburn, TCU, Baylor, Tennessee, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Kentucky and now Missouri. While at Kentucky last year, the Wildcats traveled to Missouri and that's when coach Washington got an opportunity to explore the city a little bit and appreciate what the city had to offer, and he also recognized the great fan support and game day environment.

But more importantly, he was impressed with the makeup of the staff at Mizzou when he was approached about the receivers job.

"It's was a family atmosphere, and that's really something that I look forward to, is being around people that are stable, committed like coach Pinkel and his staff are. So I feel really good about those guys."

Also in the clip, players shed light on Washington's coaching style and how they're able to connect with him on a personal level, while also understanding the coach-player relationship.