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Patriot League approves use of scholarships

The Patriot League of the FCS has approved the use of scholarships starting with the 2013 recruiting class.

Recruiting classes for many of the Patriot League schools will likely drop from 31 (the number of recruits that signed with Lehigh a few weeks ago) to a class of between 15 and 18 student athletes. The newly allotted scholarships will allow programs to use the equivalent of 15 full scholarship players over the next two years, and the equivalent of 60 scholarships over the next 4 years.

Once they reach 57 scholarship equivalents, they will be allowed to schedule FBS teams for future open dates, because FBS schools will then be allowed to use the win to count towards their bowl eligibility.

That will allow Patriot League members (Lehigh, Georgetown, Holy Cross, Bucknell, Lafayette, Colgate and Fordham) to not only become more competitive with other FCS schools, top to bottom, but also puts them in a position for a large payday when scheduling FBS schools.