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Gary Patterson: Facilities are a lot like dating...

During a recent conversation with Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman, Gary Patterson compared new facilities to dating because you've got to "stay in the game".

The new facilities are important because, as he reiterates, “Kids like new stuff. You have to reinvent yourself a little bit.” 

Patterson also talked about the recruiting strategy that him and the staff successfully employed while members of the Mountain West, and why that strategy will suit them well in the Big 12.

“Make sure we always recruit to play in the Big 12,” he told his staff. “If we were recruiting guys that could play in the Big 12, we felt we could dominate in the Mountain West.” He added that their goal was to recruit four or five guys that anyone in the country would want, and then a bunch that specifically want to be Horned Frogs.

Coming into the new conference, Patterson wants to make sure that they continue to develop a solid reputation from their visitors, and there is one school in particular that sticks out to him when he thinks back to hitting the road to take on Big 12 teams.

“The way University of Oklahoma fans treated us, it was unbelievable They understand quality. That’s something we should learn by. We will have missed the boat if we don’t understand how to treat people.”