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Patterson hypes Aztecs, brings up Auburn's brutal defense

Gary Patterson, who is likely aware that Herbstreit is pushing Boise State, is now defending the Horned Frogs 40-35 win over San Diego State.

Patterson said, "I was telling people all week [how good the Aztecs are]. They're probably going to end up 9-3 and go to the Poinsettia Bowl and probably win it.But there's no doubt it's our fault that we allowed it to happen. But no one said anything about Auburn allowing however many points they allowed."

Really, coach? Are you talking about the same Aztecs that defeated New Mexico 30-20 and defeated Colorado State 24-19? Are you talking about the San Diego State team that lost to BYU?

Come on, GP. The Aztecs most impressive win this season comes against a 7-4 Air Force team.

“ESPN is already putting the seed in that the BCS doesn't have to take two non-automatic qualifying schools to a BCS game," said Patterson.

"That's the only thing I'd question is we played without our starting tailback and other people. The bottom line is people just looked at the score and didn't look at who was out. People are going to vote the way they want to vote."

For the record GP, we think you would battle anyone to the wire in a national championship game. We're just on you for hyping SDSU.