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Paul Johnson: I remember Kansas in the victory formation


Georgia Tech is 2-0 and has Kansas coming to town this Saturday. You might recall Kansas beat Georgia Tech 28-25 in Lawrence.

In his weekly presser today, Paul Johnson was asked what the most vivid impression he has from that Kansas game last year...

"The end of the game, them taking a knee in victory formation. I remember that."

There was then a 13 second pause before the next question. Silent room. Awkward.

We think Johnson will have his team motivated for this game.

Later, a different reporter asked Coach Johnson if he ever get's tired of answering the question "Can we win with just a passing game?".

Johnson's response was great...

No, not's what you're not doing that people want to talk about...I remember talking to June [Jones] when he was at Hawaii...after a couple of years there, people complained that they didn't run the ball...I really don't think it matters. The bottom line is do you have more points than the other team at the end of the game. And you don't get any more for throwing than you do for running...Actually if you're trying to win the game, which is better a one play 77 yard drive or a 19 play 98 yard drive that eats 8 minutes? I bet you the guys on defense would vote for the second.