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Paul Johnson: There is no defending. Every year starts over.

Paul Johnson said on Saturday that “there is no defending (the ACC championship).” 

Quoting Paul Johnson: "I tell [the players] everyday they haven't done anything, and they haven't. We're 0-0, haven't won a game. There is no defending. Every year starts over. It's not like they say, `You're the defending champ, you get to start out in first place, and somebody has to get you.' You start over every year, and every team's different. They all have their different identity."

“You know what I've found through the years? If you're not very good, it's somebody else's fault. It's exciting any time you change, but show me. That's all we've got to do is show me. We weren't changing schemes (defensively) every week, I can assure you. Now, did we do multiple things? Yeah, we did a lot of things. We've just got to play better. It's not rocket science. You've got to bend your knees and get off blocks and tackle people and not let them get behind you. If you do those things, you'll play better defense."

“I want to make sure we don't push all that off on Dave Wommack, because Dave was a good guy and a good coach. It wasn't all Dave's fault. We had issues. The reason I made a change is I just felt like we could play better than we were playing, and it wasn't working. It wasn't that what he was doing wasn't sound. I just felt like we needed a change. I think the kids had lost some confidence, maybe, and we just needed to try something different. We're excited that Al [Groh's] here. He brings a package. He has a wealth of knowledge on defense. He's had a lot of success. He's high-energy. The kids enjoy being around him and playing out there in practice. We'll see if it transitions to the game. I think it will. I hope it will."