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Paul Johnson: We did a recruiting rankings study...

The reigning ACC coach of the year, Paul Johnson, isn’t putting any stock into recruiting rankings.

In an interview on the David Glenn Radio Show, Johnson said the Georgia Tech staff conducted a recent study on recruiting rankings.

Not surprising to Johnson, most of the teams that have played in the recent ACC championship games were in the bottom third of the ACC recruiting rankings. 

Johnson stated, “It’s all in people, who’s evaluating the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. I mean, there are certain schools that if they recruit guys, they are just going to be 4 and 5 star guys. That’s just the way it is. We did a thing here, because people talk about recruiting, where we went back and looked and did a recruiting ranking (study) since the start of the ACC championship game and tried to average the schools, the average recruiting ranking. And it was amazing, you know who the bottom third were…it was Boston College, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech…all the teams that have played in the ACC championship game. Virginia Tech was the other one and they were right in the middle of the pack. All the teams at the very top of the recruiting rankings until this year with Clemson playing, and Clemson was in the top 3 or 4, none of those teams, I think Florida State maybe one time, but none of them had been in the championship.”

Johnson said he doesn’t worry much about the myths about option-football not being about to win big.

He added, “I hope the next one that we hope to try to address, you know, is ‘If you get longer than a week to prepare, they can’t beat anybody.’ It has more to do with execution and timing, than the week off. We’ll be better prepared for the other defense too if we have two weeks to prepare.”

GA Tech opens against South Carolina State on September 4th.