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Paul Johnson: You better be able to motivate yourself

The Georgia Tech players should not expect to hear a “circle the wagons” type of speech from head coach Paul Johnson.

Johnson isn’t usually one to offer such type of speech to help motivate his team. But after the Yellow Jackets uninspiring 28-25 loss at Kansas, Johnson wants to see a more motivated group of players.

On Tuesday, Johnson said, “And anybody that thinks you’re going to go in the locker room and somebody’s going to punch the locker or cave in a blackboard or head-butt somebody and everybody goes ‘Ahhhh!’ Well, it’s make-believe. It doesn’t happen.”

“From the looks of the game, I can certainly motivate better. But you know what my experience has been in 31 years? That’s movie/TV (stuff),” Johnson said. “You better be able to motivate yourself, because I’m not going to motivate you 12 days, 12 Saturdays a year."

“It’s easy to talk. I don’t want to see anybody talking. Show me, don’t tell me. Yeah, anybody can stand up on the plane and say ‘we’re coming this week,’ until you get hit in the mouth the first time.”

Georgia Tech travels to Chapel Hill for a 12:00 pm EST kick-off against North Carolina. You can see the entire Week #2 TV Schedule right here.