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Paul Pasqualoni and Bill Blankenship describe their plans

Quoting UCONN head coach Paul Pasqualoni: “Offensively, the goal will be to be balanced.”

“We can talk about all we want about football, but it’s about PLAYERS not plays.”

“I wanted my kids to grow up on a college campus. I didn’t get married until I was 48. I’ve got an 11 year old, a 10, and 8. I couldn’t be happier for them to grow up in this environment.”

“We’ll be in Canada recruiting. We’ll be in DC, Dade & Broward counties. We will develop every possible prospect from this state.”

“I assured Jeff Hathaway we would sit down every member on this (current) staff. I have a high regard for these men. At that point, we will then go out and formulate the staff. There are coaches out there that I have been in contact with.”

“You’re as old as you feel. I feel like I have more juice today than 10 years ago. I feel great.”

Quoting Tulsa head coach Bill Blankenship: “Let me first thank my bride, Angie. I am in the club that completely outkicked my coverage with my bride.”

“Todd Graham has taken this program to a new level. There is no anticipation or expectation of trying to keep up with that. We’re going to take it to the next level, take something from good to great.”

“Now that I have the job, I’m not trying to butter up anyone on this, if you haven’t seen the changes (in our administration), that leadership has taken us to another level.”

“I was determined if I got in the batter’s box and was going to swing for the fence. I knew it wasn’t up to me, but I thought I did well enough (in the interview) to be considered.”

(on the overall program) “It will be more similar than different.”

(on the offense) “It’s going to be up-tempo, exciting, balls in the air type of offense. That’s how I’ve always done it.”

“We have the guys in place to take the #24 ranked team in the country and move forward.”