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Paul Petrino: I never tell our QB to 'manage the game'

New offensive coordinator Paul Petrino will call the game from the press box and doesn’t plan to tell his quarterback to “manage the game.”

Petrino says, "I hear other people say it, but I never tell our quarterback to 'manage the game.' I want him to be aggressive and WIN the game. Whatever it takes. I'm the offensive coordinator, and I'm not out to win with defense.”

"I'll be upstairs (press box) with Chip Long, and we'll send the plays down from there. Three coaches will signal from the sideline. We'll have an opening script of plays, but I won't say how many. Of course, we always adjust according to down and distance. The purpose early is to put our quarterback on a fast track and use a lot of formations to see how the defense reacts. We'll have some sound plays that won't change at the line and others that the quarterback can check out of depending on what he sees. We have all of Missouri's blitzes in. We need to understand the clues they give us."

“As for staying healthy, the best way to avoid injuries is to play hard."

Below, you can watch the Illini go through Oklahoma Drill on the first day of full-pad from Tuesday’s practice: