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Pelini looking to recruit more efficiently

A local reporter asked Bo Pelini how he measures toughness in a recruit, "Part of it is simply finding guys who do things the right way, you also look for guys who step up in big parts of the game, and guys who handle adversity." he responded.

Pelini added that while it is important that you do your homework and ask people surrounding the recruit, you also have to ask the right questions. That is why Pelini has enlisted the help of a firm of research professionals to help his staff ask the right questions and evaluate recruits more efficiently.

"They're working to help us to not only ask the right questions, but teach us what to listen for when we ask the questions and get more insight in the limited amount of time we're with recruits," Pelini said of the researchers. He added that the most important aspect is knowing what key words and reactions to assess as you ask the questions. 

Pelini hopes to have half of their 2013 recruiting class in place by the end of the summer.