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Pep Hamilton: 'They choose the pieces, I put the puzzle together'

Very rarely (if ever) do you find first year NFL offensive coordinators that had a hand in picking the personnel that they're inheriting. Take new Indianapolis offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton for instance. He'll be ahead of a lot of NFL coordinators due to the fact that he's already worked with Andrew Luck and Coby Fleener during their time together at Stanford.

While he may be a step ahead of most coordinators, Hamilton also recognizes that he's just an architect on a project where GM Ryan Grigson and the guys in the front office, and Chuck Pagano have picked the pieces.

“I think the personnel that we have now, the guys that we have on campus, we can go out and execute the offense the way that we ultimately want to execute the offense. Mr. Grigson and Coach Pagano, they choose the pieces, and I piece the puzzle together to score some touchdowns on game day.” Hamilton said on

Well said.

Part of Hamilton's vision includes versatility in their personnel and limiting the snaps of what Hamilton refers to as "one-trick ponies" (which is, by chance, very fitting with the Colts nickname). What he describes is very similar to what the Patriots have been able to do with their personnel. During his media session on Wednesday, Hamilton continually used the words "versatile" and "deception".

“If we can keep the one-trick ponies off the field, it just puts a lot more pressure on our opponents defensively to try and anticipate what it is that we want to do. We like the versatile guy, the guy that can present the conflicts.”