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Petersen: 'Finding the right fit is the same for coaches as it is for players'

Every high profile coaching job over the last few seasons has had Chris Petersen's name attached to it initially, in some way, shape or form.

However, as Petersen stated at his introductory press conference upon taking the job at Washington, it was all about the right fit. And as he told Dan Patrick this morning, finding the right fit is the same for coaches as it is for recruits.

Ask by Dan about how detailed conversations were with USC, Petersen responded by saying, "We had an extensive conversation, and those guys were great. I really enjoyed them and appreciated them and I think those guys were trying to figure things out just like I was, and if the fit was exactly right."

"That's the trick in this whole thing. Everybody gets excited about a job or a university if you're a recruit...and I really don't think it's any different, whether you're a coach or a player trying to figure out where you're going." he explained.

"The fit has to be really, really perfect and that's when the magic happens, and if it's not, save yourself a lot of headaches and I just think that most places, and most people, don't do great homework on either side of the fence and that's what you see a lot of times when you don't get the right fit. Then it doesn't work for anybody."

While his coaching legacy at Washington is still in his infancy, if you're going to take career advice in this profession, Petersen would be at (or near the top) on my board. Plenty more good content in the interview below.