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Petrino and Willy Robinson thinking Atlanta, could be another wild Saturday

Arkansas defensive coordinator Willy Robinson and head coach Bobby Petrino believe it’s time for Arkansas to take the next step.

Under Petrino, the Razorbacks have finished 5-7, 8-5, and 10-3.

Robinson told ESPN’s Chris Low, “Our first spring here, my wife, who had grown up in Pennsylvania and knew a lot about football, sat down there and said, ‘You guys look like a high school football team. That doesn’t look like a college team. I don’t know how you’re going to compete in the SEC because I’ve seen those people, too.’ ”

“Without a doubt, we feel like we can be playing for our conference championship in Atlanta. We feel that in all of our hearts. We’ve taken a step every year, and our kids are really driven to do that. We had so many freshmen playing for us our first year on defense. That was scary, but it helped us on down the line.”

Petrino echoed Robinson’s comments. He said, “Everybody in our program understands now how we’re going to work and how we’re going to go about our business. We’re not fighting attitudes or guys saying that we never did it this way or that way before. Just the continuity of the program … it’s all in order.”

Following Saturday’s scrimmage, Petrino said, "Defensively, we keep getting better. We're playing our gap control. I really think we have a chance to be a very, very good defensive front that will really rush the passer."

Saturday should be a lot of fun on campus in Fayetteville. The spring game kick-offs at 4 PM EST. Later on that night, coming off a sweep of LSU, the Razorbacks will host Mississippi State in baseball.

This past Saturday night, the Hogs hit a 3-run walk-off homer in the 9th to beat LSU. If the scene this weekend is anything like this past Saturday...well, there's going to be plenty of cold beverage drinking and good times in the outfield stands.

Watch this celebration after the walk-off homer.