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Petrino: No helmet..that was a bad call

Bobby Petrino took the podium in a neck brace a little while ago to talk about his motorcycle accident Sunday night.

Petrino said that the last thing he remembers is having the sun in his eyes, and then getting out of the ditch and being offered a ride to the hospital by a car who witnessed the accident. Petrino made his first call to his doctor to let him know he was coming to the emergency room, and, although the doctor was away, he made arrangements to make sure Petrino treated upon his arrival.

The ironic part of the whole situation, Petrino explains, is that he had two helmets sitting out on the table as he was getting ready to leave. He remembered thinking, "This one is going to be really heavy and hot, and then this one makes me look like a conehead" so he made the decision to just go with a hat.

"Obviously, bad call. We wouldn't have converted third down."

Petrino has the doctors' okay to return to practice this afternoon to view the action from the press box, and he is expected to make a full recovery.