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Phil Fulmer supports paying players: Guys can't go on dates

Add Philip Fulmer to the list of coaches that believe college players ought to be paid.

In fact, the former Tennessee head coach laughs at how much things have changed in the last decade.

Fulmer says, “A good numbers of years back, coaches were just not paid to the level that they’re paid now. There wasn’t that much money brought in outside of attendance, and that’s not the case now. A number of years ago it was a scholarship and $15 – for us, it was called laundry money. They’re on scholarships … but I’ve seen many, many difficult situations for the kids financially.”

“Guys can’t go on dates or can’t go to the movies, and they’re positions that are tough. They’re having to sacrifice a lot. Like their health. They’re only going to play so many years – [and] they should get as much out of it as they can.”

Fulmer, who has been out of coaching for two years, hopes to land another head coaching job next season. He has said recently, however, that if the right job doesn’t come along, he will be at ease.