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Photo: Akron has some new shiny, gold helmets


There's a new trend going around college football and, in the right light, it could blind you. A whole host of teams have introduced chrome helmets, which I have dubbed as oversized Christmas ornaments. We've seen them pop up at Florida Atlantic, Notre Dame, Washington and Baylor, to name a few. Astute readers will not that gold seems to be the most popular choice for chrome helmets, and now gold-lid wearing Akron has entered the mix.

This photo below showcases two separate gold helmets, one with a gold facemask, one with blue, as well as a new jersey. The Zips wore Adidas last season, but will apparently move to the updated jersey template with hash marks across the chest (which appear prominently in Tennessee and Texas A&M's gray jerseys).

One final note: Can you name another college football team with using the lead initial from its nickname "Z" instead of school name "A" as a helmet decal?

(via @PhilHecken)