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Photo: Baylor's entire defensive line will be wearing custom facemasks

We've all seen the custom facemask trend in recent years. Seems like Justin Tuck was the first one to have one, and then ridiculous spin offs surfaced like the logo facemask (which has yet to see game day action to my knowledge).

Now it looks like Baylor's entire defensive line will be wearing identical custom facemasks in the fall. Looking across the line of scrimmage and seeing four aggressive defensive lineman in this facemask style might be intimidating to some opponents, but I don't see any Big 12 offenses being intimidated by anything...especially a facemask

Without a doubt, at the very least it is an interesting, and innovative idea to outfit an entire position with a custom facemask like this. Perhaps it will prove to be a unique sell for them when recruiting defensive linemen as well.