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Photo: Is this the future of helmet technology?

Bret Bielema didn't make any friends in his campaign linking the 10-second rule with player safety, but at least his stated desire to make football a safety place isn't completely full of empty words.

The Arkansas head coach tweeted the following picture that his Razorbacks will wear this spring.

For those who can't read the bottom paragraph, here it is courtesy of CBS Sports blogger Tom Fornelli: "The Speedflex's unique shell design is engineered to disperse energy and reduce the risk of trauma, while Riddell's InSite Player Management Softward alerts the sideline to significant, single or multiple impacts that possess attributes that may result in a possible concussion."

Every helmet manufacturer believes their product is the best at preventing concussions, but a helmet that comes equipped with its own concussion alert system? Riddell may have something there.