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Photo: New Mexico State has one of the most unique new helmets


New Mexico State unveiled some new helmets on Wednesday. Chances are you had no idea they were planning to wear some new helmets this season, and chances are that you had no idea what their previous lids looked like. When you go 1-11 in the WAC, there doesn't tend to be a lot of outside interest in your program. This is why programs like this tend to release a new helmets as a short cut to get themselves back inside people's minds. 

Mission accomplished. The Aggies' new helmets have certainly given us a lot to talk about. In fact, this may be the most unique helmet in FBS.

Let's break it down:

1. Guns. There are multiple guns on this helmet. Pistol Pete has one in each hand and the individual decals are a pair of dualing pistols. New Mexico State isn't the only school in the country to put a weapon on its helmet (see: Virginia), but they are alone in the firearm department. 

2. Aside from the pistols, there's still a lot going on in that decal. Not only does New Mexico State have its entire nickname printed, but below that is the entire school name and a massive mascot. A number of schools utilize elements of this look (see: Florida's printed nickname, and the mascot-plus-school name looks used by LSU, TCU and used previously by Boise State, to name a few). But no one else combines the two like New Mexico State. 

3. Even Pistol Pete has his own logo, the old NM State logo that the Aggies have now retired.

4. And to think, they accomplished all of this without a speck of chrome or matte material. They didn't even have to resort to a tricked-up facemask.

If the goal of a football helmet in this day and age is to become a conversation piece, this one definitely does the trick. Now if only new head coach Doug Martin and his staff can make the rest of the program as interesting as its helmets. 

(HT @UniWatch)