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Photo: Saban is already getting his players focused on the Aggies


Nick Saban has never been afraid to get in a player's face, whether it be literally or metaphorically. Like following Alabama's I-still-can't-believe-this-actually-happened 28-27 loss to Auburn in 2010, Saban put up motivational posters, or warnings, that the Tide would never lose to the Tigers again. 

In the two years since, Alabama has beaten Auburn by scores of 42-14 and 49-0. 

Now, Saban is going back to that well again. To help remind his players of last season's 29-24 defeat to Texas A&M (as if they could forget), the Alabama coaches are playing last year's loss on the TVs in their sparkling new weight room. Each squat rack is also adorned with a Texas A&M logo.

September 14 is just 60 short days away.

(HT CBS Sports)