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Photo: South Florida displays gold chrome helmets


Football uniforms, like the game itself, is a copy-cat world. Someone unveils a cool new wrinkle, and the rest of the country races to borrow it. 

In the uniform world, the new trend is gold chrome helmets. If you've got gold in your colors, you've got to have a gold chrome helmet - as evidenced by Baylor, Notre DameTulsa and Washington. Or even if you don't - as evidenced by Mississippi State

Now it's South Florida's turn.

Tweeted out over the weekend by Bulls special teams coach Stu Holt, South Florida now has a gold chrome helmet with a green logo, and a green helmet with an exploded, gold chrome logo.

They're pretty sweet. Although there's no telling at this point whether these are slated for on-field use or just for show. We are nearing National Signing Day, after all.

(via CBSSports)