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Photo: The Ducks could be flashing some new feathers this season


Oregon's base colors have always been green and yellow. Somewhere along the way, black, silver, chrome and others have been added, but the Ducks' basic feathers have always been green and yellow. 

Yet, somehow, the school with enough uniform combinations to last two careers worth of eligibility has never worn an all yellow uniform combination. Dating back to 2009 (the extent of DuckTracker's archives), the Ducks have worn all green, all black, all white and every possible combination therein, with lots of yellow mixed in of course, but never all yellow.

That may be changing this season. All-things uniforms expert UniWatch tweeted this shot of an Oregon photo shoot with three Ducks donning all yellow.

Obviously, nothing is official with Oregon until it shows up on the field. But if Oregon does dress out in all yellow, we'd be left to wonder if there's anything left in the Oregon color palette they haven't worn.