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Photos: Mississippi State's new facility


Update> We're sure this won't shock frequent visitors to the site; but we have learned that our friends at Adventdid all of the branding, exhibits, displays, graphics, etc... for this project as well. Guys do good work. 

Original story:

Mississippi State has officially opened the Leo Seal Jr. Football Complex spanning 80,000 square feet which includes a new weight room, locker room, training room, and coaches offices.

A $12 million donation from the Seal Family Foundation (comprised of three former Bulldogs) helped fund the $25 million dollar project, and Dan Mullen was very vocal in his appreciation of getting his entire staff under one roof.

“I’m extremely appreciative of the Seals and other families who have helped make this a reality," Mullen said in a release. "This is a vital addition to our football program. We’ve talked since I’ve arrived at Mississippi State about getting all of our football operations under one roof, allowing us to have daily interaction with each of our players and continuing to develop the family atmosphere around our program – this will accomplish those goals.”

Take a look at what they've done down in Starkville.

MSU auditorium
MSU office
MSU weight room
MSU facility

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