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Photos: New uniforms at Illinois, where they take orange seriously


Not to be outdone by the other orange-and-blue, Nike-repped team in the northern half of the United States, Illinois also unveiled new uniforms on Wednesday.

Let's start with the new block "I" logo, which doesn't look all that different to me.

Next, an upper body shot of the new football uniforms. As a point of reference, here's what the Illini wore in 2013.

11 Illinois 1

Here's a live action shot of all three kits and, boy, are those orange uniforms orange. I'm not even sure they'll need to turn the lights on for night games at Memorial Stadium because I'm almost positive they can glow in the dark.

11 Illinois 2

My personal favorite, the all whites.

11 Illinois white

And now a shot of the three helmets.

11 Illinois helmets

Nike has done an rebranding of the entire athletics department, as they did with California and Oregon State in 2013. For a team-by-team look, check out the @IlliniAthletics feed.