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Photos: Rice breaking out Oregon-esque helmets for the Liberty Bowl


Considering they're members of the same species, ducks and owls really don't have that much in common. Owls are nocturnal, ducks are not. Ducks hang out in water, ducks make their home in trees. Owls hoot, ducks quack. One thing they undeniably share, though, is all that really matters when designing a football helmet: wings. 

From 1990-2005, Rice winked in the direction of the Philadelphia Eagles, borrowing the Eagles' long-standingwing decals for their own helmets

The Owls settled on the school's script R logo for the last handful of years but now, for Tuesday's Liberty Bowl, Rice will borrow from another avian-themed program for a new brand of helmet.

Rice helmet 2
Rice helmet 3

Rice is clearly borrowing from Oregon here, but who really cares? It's a great look. All's fair in love and college football uniform designs, they say.

Rice will face Mississippi State in the Liberty Bowl at 4 p.m. ET on ESPN.

(via @RiceOwlsEQ)