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Pitt football launches brilliant webpage

It’s a brilliant move by Pitt athletics.

Pitt has created a webpage on their official site that is strictly dedicated to daily coverage of training camp. If you’re a Pitt fan, it’s the only page you need to visit.

We think it’s smart because it gets viewer's eyes away from message boards, where rumors and innuendo can run rampant.

It’s the central gathering place where Pitt fans can stay in the know on all things about Todd Graham’s new coaching staff. The page includes links to daily newpapers articles about the program, but that doesn't mean Pitt has to link to a negative article.

The important thing is that Pitt is in control of the content.

What you do get is all of head coach Todd Graham's quotes, player quotes, and videos. There are also behind-the-scenes videos like Todd Graham’s post-practice speech to the team following the very first practice.

Graham told the team, “The best thing about this football team is not the talent. The most talented in the Big East won’t win it. It’s the team that is the best team. It’s the team that has the most invested. Let me tell you something men, we are a very mature team. We have a lot of young talent.”

“It’s that maturity that wins football games, that teaches, that leads, that does things the way we want it done. I don’t care if we win 59-58, 3-0, or 3-2. I don’t care. All I care about is winning. If you will have a passion to do what you do. Say ‘coach me,’ coach. And then turn it loose and play. When we go across that white line, get in the left lane and hammer down. That’s how we play. I’m excited. That’s the best first day I’ve been around.”

Here’s the video of the speech.