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PJ Fleck: 'We have one program goal. That is to learn'

Western Michigan wrapped up their first spring practice yesterday, and while PJ Fleck liked the energy and overall feel of day one, he made it a point to emphasize that as a program, they have just one goal. That is to learn.

"We have one program goal, and that is to learn. Learn how to practice, learn the tempo, learn how to carry the football, learn how to protect it, learn how to speak in Broncinese...thats our own language. They have to learn how to do that. Learn their assignments, learn their gap fits, learn our special teams goals.

"There is so much to learn, and that's why we're teachers and educators as coaches." Fleck explained.

Having just one goal, such as learning, that encompasses all aspects of a program is a great idea. While players may learn how to carry the ball and their run fits, learning is something that players will always be hungry to do under Fleck and his staff.