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Playbooks on the iPad

Yes, Steve Jobs did step down as CEO of Apple yesterday (although he remains the chairman of the board and an employee). No we're not kidding.

Jobs built Apple into the most valuable company in the world and their latest invention (the iPad) is destroying the competition. Blackberry recently announced that they are significantly scaling down production of their tablets (in fact Sprint is now refusing to even stock Blackberry tablets). HP just announced that they are shutting down their current tablet business and operating system. The list of "competing products" to the iPad which are dying a painful death is long; but the iPad sales continue to soar.

Everyone is noticing. We've noticed that more and more college staffs are adopting Apple platforms. Many are now purchasing iPads for every coach and some as we've shown you are now putting them at every players' locker.

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The same holds true in the NFL where a number of teams are currently using iPads. We noticed a recent story about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers use of the iPads.

The Bucs no longer distribute paper copies of their playbook. Yep, it's all on the iPad. But, Coach Raheem Morris wanted to take it a step further.

Now, each Buc can download nearly any video he wants prior to leaving for the day (past games, practice video, situational cutups, etc...). Morris said that director of technology Chris Wells and video director Dave Levy deserve the credit for designing the systems (good guys to call if you're thinking about adopting this concept).

Morris said it took his owner about 2 minutes to approve the purchase of 90 iPads (at about $500 - $600 each....totaling about $50,000).

One final thing Morris mentioned, if an iPad (and thus a playbook) get's left somewhere or lost, "You've got a way to wipe everything off with a push of a button."