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Players eligible for frequent-flyer miles on team flights

On this unusually slow Friday morning, we’d like to send a salute to Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Bill Lubinger, who uncovered some good stuff, and has subsequently reported the information in his article this morning.

Lubinger asks you to consider the following: “A university arranges for its players, not the college, to earn frequent flyer miles for road trips.”

NCAA violation?

Answer: Permissible.

According to NCAA compliance, “Student-athletes may earn frequent-flier miles when traveling for practice or competition, depending on the university. But staff members can't roll their miles over to a student-athlete.”

Of course, most teams charter a plane, so frequent-flyer miles are not available. In the NFL, the teams pay for the flights, but the individual players are able to add the frequent-flyer miles, not the teams.

Still, presumably, a number of director of football operations (DFO's) are hoping this article slides down the FootballScoop homepage before their head coach becomes aware of the benefit. Talking about a nightmare for DFO's. Paper work, questions, procedure, compliance, etc.

Our guess, look for an Andy Staples special next week to see which schools are providing this benefit.

According to this frequent-flyer comparison chart, you would be smart to take advantage of the benefits offered by either United or Alaska Airlines, the only airlines to rank with over “A” rating.

Here are 7 programs that could take serious advantage of frequent-flyer miles this year:

San Jose State will fly to: UCLA, Colorado State, BYU, LA Tech, Utah State, and Fresno State.

Stanford will fly to: Duke, Arizona, Wazzu, USC, and Oregon State

New Mexico State will fly to: Minnesota, San Jose State, Hawaii, Georgia, LA Tech, BYU

Navy will fly to: Western Kentucky, South Carolina, Rutgers, Notre Dame, SMU, and San Jose State

Boise State will fly to: Atlanta (Georgia game), Toledo, Fresno State, Colorado State, UNLV, and San Diego State

Southern Miss will fly to: Marshall, Virginia, Navy, UTEP, and East Carolina

Tulane will fly to: Duke, Army, East Carolina, SMU, Rice, and Hawaii

Syracuse will fly to: USC, Tulane, Louisville, Pitt