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Poll: 73 percent of FBS head coaches against proposed 10-second rule

What will 19.5 percent of something get you? For Major League Baseball players, a .195 batting average gets them sent down to the minors. And for the NCAA's football rules committee, it's about to get the proposed 10-second rule rejected. 

ESPN's Brett McMurphy reached out to all 128 FBS head coaches for their opinion on the rule change. The vast majority (93) stated they were against the rule, while 25 were in favor and seven remain on the fence.

Numbers fell pretty much the same way among the five power conferences and five mid-majors. 

McMurphy noted that no conference featured more than a third of its membership in favor of the new rule.

The rule comes up for a vote on March 6 by the NCAA's rules oversight panel. The 11-member committee is comprised only of athletics directors, but you can bet their coaches' thoughts - and well-publicized polls like this one - will be heard.