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Popular restaurant brilliantly responds to Oklahoma's 'pasta-gate'

Yesterday, Oklahoma self reported a handful of violations, including one of the most ridiculous NCAA rule book violations of recent memory.

At a graduation banquet last year, three Oklahoma football players consumed too much pasta. Yes folks, that's in the NCAA rules. Apparently it violated the rule that allows schools to provide "reasonable refreshments" on occasion for "celebratory events." That goes right up there with the old "you can give them bagels, but can't offer cream cheese or peanut butter" rule.

The three players each had to donate $3.83 to charity to restore their eligibility and cover the cost of the pasta, and come to think of it, nearly $4 is a heck of a lot of pasta.

Olive Garden took full advantage of the opportunity that the ridiculousness presented, offering one of the three players a "I (heart) PASTA" t-shirt for $3.83. Smart move Olive Garden seizing the moment.