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Possible rule change around the corner for FHSAA

The Florida High School Athletic Association is looking at passing a new law that would allow student athletes to transfer high schools and immediately become eligible for competition.

The Senate and the House have both passed the bill, and it now sits on Governor Rick Scott's desk for review.

FHSAA executive director Roger Dearing believes that the rule change will "turn recruiting rules upside down."

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the bill states "students who switch schools during an academic year will remain eligible for athletics as long as their transfer is approved by their public-school district or the private school that receives them." However, if the FHSAA finds that a student was recruited or violated other regulations it reserves the right to fine the school, move the school to a higher classification, or even sanction guilty coaches.

In an interesting dynamic, the article also states that "the student may not be declared ineligible for recruiting violations unless they are found to have falsified enrollment or eligibility documents or accepted impermissible benefits."