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Post-game quotes from ACC head coaches

Butch Davis: "Told the players in the locker room when the game was over. That I don't know if Ive ever been prouder of a group of kids and the way they came back at the end of a ball game."

"I told TJ how proud I was of him. He's a strong kid, in his heart and in his mind. He got sacked, but he showed a lot of poise and a lot of character." He demonstrated he is a really special kid."

"I know we burned at least 8 red shirts tonight that we had no intention of burning 2 weeks ago. They did more than just an incredible job."

"We played some walk-ons that had never played in games before."

Frank Spaziani: “A lot of our youth, a lot of our depth issues, were evident.”

“We were very concerned about our defensive line and our pass rush going in. I didn’t see anything to dispel that concern coming out.”

“The operation didn’t run very smooth. I attribute that first to myself and then the way the team is structured right now, the depth, the youth and different guys in positions. It’s not quite as smooth as we’d like.”

Dabo Swinney: "The 42 minute to 18 minute difference is very frustrating. We had some explosive plays, which led to quick scores. We need to improve on third downs as a defense."

David Cutcliffe: "I was really disappointed in our start in the third quarter. We went three and out and I can't really explain that one. I thought our team was a little flat and I didn't sense that coming out of the tunnel. From the locker room to the field, we just weren't there completely. We just stopped ourselves. It could have been as good of a performance as you could ever see from an offense. We dropped two touchdowns in the first half and squandered some opportunities in the third quarter. As far as quarterback play, you're not going to see and better from either sides of the field. "

"It was interesting walking into the locker room tonight because you don't ever want to be disappointed in a win. When I walked in there, they were as quiet as a church mouse. That's a good sign. They expect a lot of themselves. They didn't play well for sixty minutes. And we can do that. We're talented enough to play well for 60 minutes. And when you go into ACC play you have to be ready for that."

Jimbo Fisher: “From a game management standpoint I was pleased with how we handled things. We tried to get the freshmen in there. We were very organized."

Paul Johnson: "Being more crisp, playing faster on offense. It looked like we never really played fast. Offensively we were playing okay, just okay. In the first half, I think we scored on the first three possessions, and then we lost our focus and turned the ball over.”

“We made a lot of mistakes, missed a lot of tackles, got sloppy, but we have a lot of stuff to work on now. Hopefully you make the most improvement from game one to game two and that is what we need to do."

"We missed a ton of tackles. We didn't give up many big plays which was a positive. We just need to be able to get them off the field better. In the first half, there weren't that many possessions. If we don't turn it over on the first play of two possessions, you are probably looking at four possessions in the half.”

Randy Shannon: "One thing you never do, never take a victory and not enjoy it. I told the players and the coaches, 'Enjoy tonight.'”

Tom O’Brien: (on Russell Wilson) “I think he’s still rusty. He hasn’t played since November, so that’s understandable. He’s still not in flow from where he was a year ago, but he’s one of those guys who, because of his athleticism, can give the effort and perform well.”

Mike London: "It was really important to come out and be representative of a team that is trying to improve. We're trying to show that we have improved academically, we have improved socially and we wanted to show that we could take one quarter at a time and play a game where we don't self destruct but rather score points and play defense. That's the improvement we're looking for. There are things we did well and some things we need to keep working on. Our goal for the season is to improve each time we play."