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Post-game quotes from all 12 SEC head coaches

Houston Nutt: "Toughest game I've ever been through.”

"It's the worst loss I've ever had. I know we're better than that. Just a sick, sick feeling. We can't get that one back."

Nick Saban: “There were a bunch of (young players) that played. It’s the first time since we’ve been here that I have felt the need to talk about things that you take for granted, like the dress code for a trip. We had guys who had been here for two or three years that know what’s going on. Now we have a significant number of guys that don’t know what’s going on, haven’t played before and haven’t traveled before, that I find myself saying ‘I need to spend some time explaining this stuff that we explained three years ago.’ It’s probably better to coach this team the way we coached the first year (in 2007).

“I think the real emphasis with our team was, all along, to develop an identity for this team for 2010 and focus on the things that we need to do to create that in terms of the effort, the toughness, the discipline to execute, and I was pretty pleased with that. I think we came out and played fast and took the ball and had a really good opening drive with good execution.

“I’m not sure there’s a bad seat in the house. … The energy and atmosphere here today was fantastic, created by our fans from everything from the Walk of Champions to the spirit in the stadium in the game.”

Gene Chizik: “I liked what our defense did tonight. They were out there really flying around. We got a lot of people to the football.”

“I thought our offense struggled at times; especially when we get a penalty on fourth and one, and throw an interception on another opportunity for us to score. We did throw and catch the ball pretty well. It took us awhile to get our running game established. I like the way we came out of halftime, because we started to settle down and run the ball better.”

“We can't be satisfied on our offensive performance with three turnovers. I would like to see our number two guys come in and execute. They need to come in and move the ball as well as the first team.”

“It was a little bit difficult with a new offensive coordinator, trying to figure out what he did at a different school versus what he would do now with different types of personnel. That became a little challenging.”

“Cam has a lot of work to do right now on our offense in just running it and being where we need to be in this league. For his first football game, I couldn't be prouder of what he did.”

"It is just our level of focus and concentration sometimes was just extremely sloppy. Our protection of the football was extremely sloppy. That's disappointing. That's really disappointing.

Urban Meyer: "We won," said Gators coach Urban Meyer, now 6-0 in openers as the Gators head coach. There you go. . . . I'll say that slowly. We won. There's a bright spot for you."

"There's a sense of urgency. I felt it in the locker room. There should be, and we'll come back tomorrow and work hard. That's what we do around here: work hard and try to get better."

"Am I concerned? Sure. It's not the first time we've had a kid drop a ball. It's not the first time we've had issues with snaps. I just can't wait to go to work and get going again.

"I congratulated them on a win and said get your rest tonight because we're going to come back and work our tails off tomorrow."

Mark Richt: "The defense really stifled Louisiana-Lafayette. We did have one mental error, and one mental error can be the difference between seven points and a shutout. The defense did an exceptional job of shutting them down. The guys were locked in and played extremely hard and disciplined. There were an awful lot of positives."

Joker Phillips: “You can still have a good season if you don't win this game. But you can't have a great one. We want to have a great one.”

Les Miles: “Our football team won a game tonight in a very sloppy fashion. At the end of the game our running back was running to score instead of running for first down, which would have won the game.”

“We had the opportunity to win a game in a very convincing style and our football team wasn’t good enough to do that.”

Dan Mullen: “The defense shut them out for I think 58 minutes and 29 seconds. To shut them out is a great effort. I am really proud of our two new coaches coming in for their first game in the Southeastern Conference. Really proud of our defense to come out and play the way they did.”

“I am expecting a big time atmosphere here Thursday night with all our fans, and I thank all our fans. You saw here tonight, they set the opening day record. That was our first sellout for a nonconference opponent. Right from kickoff, our fans picked up right where they left off”

Steve Spurrier: “We had 41 points with 11 minutes left. They sort of milked the clock out on us there. I was thinking for the first time we might score 50, but we couldn't quite do it. I think we need to score 50 sometime if we can, but we couldn't do it tonight.”

Derek Dooley: “The emotional part was the Vol Walk. That thing is unbelievable. There's not a better example of how great these fans are than when we got off that bus. With what they've been through in the last couple of years, to see the support was unbelievable."

Robbie Caldwell: "The most frustrating thing was that we botched two-point plays, and that is the thing we worked on as much as any.”

"They said it was a high hit. The (quarterback) is a foot off the ground. What's a high hit? He's trying to keep him from making a first down. I don't know."