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Post-game quotes from PAC-10 coaches

Mike Stoops: “Very satisfied with the win and the majority of the play throughout the game was what we wanted. Obviously, we threw the ball very well tonight. I wasn’t overly pleased with the run game.”

Dennis Erickson: “No disrespect to Portland State by any means but we had better players than they did. The good thing is we executed and I thought our speed showed up and we got the big play. We ran the football extremely well and I thought Steven [Threet] executed the offense real well. It was good. We haven’t moved the ball like that against anybody in a long time.”

(on if the team has improved from last year) “Well no question about it. I said this all along, we’re so much faster than we’ve been.”

(on special teams) “We’re a lot better, and I said this we need to continue to improve but we have more depth than we’ve ever had and when that happens you’re going to be better on cover teams and better on return teams and you’re just going to be faster at covering because you have better players doing it.”

Jeff Tedford: "The defense played well. They stopped the run really well and pressured the passing. They didn't give up any big plays on defense, in the passing game or run game. (The style of defense) is not dramatically different; we have had some of the same stuff in our package before. I don't think we were too exotic on defense by any means. They played hard, and that is the key. I was pleased with the way we tackled; in the first game you have to tackle. I was pleased with the way they ran to the ball and played tackling."

"After having a hard camp, being able to cut it loose I was happy with the effort. There are still things we need to improve on; we were a little sloppy on offense. For the most part the kids played hard. They played with a lot of intensity; there wasn't a lot of giddy stuff going on. They were having fun doing what they were doing. They came into today with a very businesslike approach. I could tell yesterday at the hotel, even at practice, they were a little bit too tight. But it was just a lot of focus, they were anxious to get on the field and play."

Chip Kelly: “Our defensive line was relentless in running to the football, and that was a big deal for our staff.”

Rick Neuheisel: “We going to have to watch the film and see how we can do a better job tackling. Part of it obviously is that we didn’t to tackle very much in training camp when we lost another offensive lineman just because of the danger of that. But that’s no excuse. We have to tackle.” 

Norm Chow: "We dropped what, a half a dozen balls? Eight?! That does (surprise me); that's our most experienced group."

Steve Sarkisian: "Our team, I think they are really disappointed. In a sense, I've got to do a great job of corralling them. This one game, (and there might be) thinking, `Oh, that's it. That was it. We put all our eggs in one basket.' We didn't. I didn't. I'm not going to let anyone else say that we did. It's one game of 13."

Paul Wulff: “We don’t respond very well (to adversity),” Wulff said. “I thought our kids played tight early; quite a while. Just didn’t play. They wanted to really bad. They really wanted to be great. The attitude is great that way. They didn’t cut it loose. They played tentative. They played not to make mistakes.”