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Post-game reactions from coaches around the country

Some interesting post-game quotes from Saturday:

Jim Harbaugh leads Stanford to first win at the Rose Bowl in 14 years: "This win means a lot. We were exorcising our demons. This was the first time we've won here in 14 years.” 

"UCLA is very skilled on both sides of the ball (The defense) took it one play at a time. We got some big sacks when they were threatening our side of the field. We certainly packed the defense this week."

Quoting Steve Sarkisian after 41-20 win over Syracuse: "Games aren't always going to go the way you envision them or draw them up. And obviously the start of the football game for us was not designed by any means."

Quoting Mike Gundy following 41-38 win over Troy: "Obviously, anybody that paid the price of admission got their money's worth tonight. Anybody that had a heart condition probably struggled through the game. It was a very interesting game. We talked last week about Troy. They're very athletic. They've got skill guys that can make plays. We did not tackle very well in open field tonight. I was disappointed with that. I was disappointed with our special teams even though I thought coach Deforest made a great adjustment on the punt where we put two returners back. It gave us a chance to field it and make a play worked out well for us. I was very disappointed in the penalties. I see we had 12 penalties for 139 yards and that's unacceptable. That's our fault as coaches. That's on us and the players buying in. We will get that corrected and we won't give them 139 yards. They had 67 so that's 70-yards of advantage in penalties. That's very poor coaching on our part. We'll get that corrected. Overall, I was very proud of how the defense played the fourth quarter. Offensively, it was an interesting evening in the fact that unless we penalized it or turned it over, there weren't many times when we didn't move the ball; and move it very well. But, obviously if you're penalized it counts and if you turn it over it counts. We need to correct those mistakes. A win is a win, but we've got a lot of things to work on and make ourselves a better team. The talent in the games will get more difficult as we progress through the season. I'm looking forward to getting back in here tomorrow morning and getting ready to play the next team."

Quoting Larry Blakeney following 41-38 loss at Oklahoma State: "We made enough mistakes tonight to lose about six or eight ballgames in one, and they did too, and that's the only thing that made it 41-38 instead of one of us winning by a larger margin. We got a chance playing against a team like Oklahoma State. They're a young football team; we're a young football team. We battled hard against each other and we came out on the short end of the stick. It was kicking game woes, it was turnovers. We couldn't stop the deep ball. We've got so many things we've got to work on, but I think we have a chance to be a decent team."

Quoting Urban Meyer after 38-14 win over South Florida: “Their quarterback (B.J. Daniels) is a stud; he’s a tough nut. We have a lot of respect for the outlet we just played. When I said they’re SEC caliber, they might not have the depth, but they have the players. That’s a good team. Our offensive line put it on their shoulders in the second half. That’s the hardest our running backs have run here in quite awhile.” 

“Special teams was finally the way it’s supposed to look around here. We were also 5-0 in the turnover battle, and that was a big part of this.”

Quoting Skip Holtz after 38-14 loss at Florida: “I thought the difference in this football game was turnovers. I thought our team played hard but we certainly did not play smart enough to win. Turnovers are the number one thing - the single biggest statistic that shows winning and losing. It is not yards, it’s not punts, it’s not yards per kickoff return, etc. The number one statistic in the country that determines wins and losses is turnovers and I believe we finished minus five in that category today.”

Quoting Jim Tressel after defeating Miami (FL): “As long as we continue to grow, this is huge. You play a top -- I think they're a top 10 team. In my mind going into the game, you know, I was interested to see if we were a top 10 team, and I thought we played a very good team. So now if we'll keep growing from that, we've got a chance. If we think we've arrived, we're done, but that was a tough game.” 

“It was the first time I've ever been in a game where the kicker cramped up. It's unbelievable. I guess we called on him so much he cramped up, but I didn't realize he made five field goals.” 

Les Miles not pleased with quarterback play: "We're going to continue to evaluate our quarterback situation, and frankly we're going to expect more out of the position. I think both those guys can give it to us. I think (Jordan) Jefferson definitely can, and we're going to encourage (Jarrett) Lee because he's a guy who's going to have to win games for us as we go forward."

Houston Nutt talks about 3rd quarter lulls: "I'm not as concerned about it now because we won. I really think we'll be able to jump-start ourselves and we can learn and we're going to gain confidence.” 

"It's much easier to do that. I promise you, in 28 years of coaching, it's much easier to teach lessons when you win and I promise you, we're going to get that corrected."

Nick Saban talks about Joe Paterno: "I just told him he had a good football team and he's the best, one of the best ever in college football.

"I got asked the question this week: 'Do you think this'll be the last time you coach against Joe Paterno?' I said, 'I got asked that question 15 years ago at Michigan State. I don't think it warrants an answer.'

"In his 45 years at Penn State, there's probably not a classier program, a classier gentleman, a better person and a guy who's affected more lives in a positive way in terms of the class of the program that they have, the people they always seem to be able to produce, and I know Joe has given a lot back to the institution."

Quoting UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck: "Utah is better than us. We made too many mistakes to come in and win on the road."

Quoting Dan Hawkins following 52-7 loss at Cal: "We got off to a bad start. And it got worse from there."

Mark Dantonio pleased with special teams: "It was a great job by our special teams. We won the field position battle. Conroy was 3 for 3 with three big kicks and Keshawn Martin set up some different things with his returns and that was a big positive."

Quoting Jimbo Fisher: "They scored and went up 21-7, and we got field position back. I think they got control of the kicking game too. In their kickoff return and in our return we didn't block very well, our starting position was very poor and we didn't make some plays on offense. We didn't convert third downs. A couple chances we had, (we) just lost control of the line of scrimmage a little bit. They just caught us off balance and they were scoring on their side. They scored the first four times I think they had it, and got up 27-7, and we had a chance right there at end of the first half. We got that turnover and if we got that score and moved it a little bit, that's 27-14. We get it at the start of the second half and we didnt take advantage of it. And they did a good job of mixing it up on third down and controlling the line of scrimmage."