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Preseason preview magazines going to print, on sale soon

It’s almost that time of year when the college football preseason magazines hit the stores. The glossy covers, bright colors, and bold headlines are sure to grab your attention at the grocery store.

Lindy’s College Football Preview releases their magazine at different times. Southeastern (May 24), National College (May 31), Big 10 (June 7), and Big 12 (June 14). Lindy’s will cost you $7.99 this year.

Athlon Sports College Football Preview Magazine will begin shipping on May 31st. Athlon’s version will run you $8.99.

Phil Steele’s College Football Preview Magazine will be officially on sale June 9th. The hardcore magazine, pretty much a must buy, will run you $8.95.

Steele writes, “Of course every other company will say they have the best, but put ours to the test! Go to the bookstore and hold them side by side. Look at their content and then look at ours!”

Unlike Lindy's and Athlon's, there are no sideline eye-candy photos in Phil Steele's magazine. Additionally, Steele will not ship to you if you are located at a correctional facility. (Not kidding, see website)

In case you would to know which magazine is traditionally the most accurate, take a look at this website.


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