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Proof that Florida State will never join the SEC

While Florida State has shown that they can hang with anyone, particularly the SEC, with their on the field performance so far this season, there is definitive proof that Florida State will never belong in the SEC.

Normally the tailgating lots open up at 3pm, but since the Seminoles will be squaring off against top ten, and in state rival Miami in front of an ESPN CollegeGameday crowd, the University has decided to move the opening of tailgate location up to 2pm.

Yes. Fans will get exactly one extra hour to tailgate for a 8pm kickoff.

Could you imagine if that decision was made by university officials at LSU, Ole MIss, or Alabama? Anyone that has had even the most mature of tailgates knows that you need more than a few hours before kickoff to throw a proper tailgate.

That right there is proof enough that as good as Florida State is on the field, they'll never be SEC caliber. At least not as long as they're making those kinds of decisions.