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Putting perspective on Monday's NFL coaching movement

We saw a pair of tweets this morning from Adam Schefter that succinctly put the carnage from yesterday in the NFL in perspective. 

Schefter tweeted that the seven NFL head coaches released yesterday were more than the amount of coaches fired on the Monday following Week 17 in the last three seasons combined. Additionally, the five general managers let go yesterday beat the combined total (four) from 2007-11. And the League may not be done yet.

On the college level, 2012 has already matched 2011's record-breaking number of 28 FBS head coaching changes, and we expect that number to rise in the coming days and weeks. 

This begs the question, are these numbers an anomaly or a new fact of life? We tend to lean pretty strongly toward the latter. Schools and franchises are investing more than they ever have in pursuit of victories, and that investment brings expectations. As long as the relationship between expectations and patience remains inverse, Black Monday will continue to be more eventful than ever.