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Q&A with Buckeyes OC Tom Herman

ESPN's Brian Bennett sat down with Tom Herman to discuss his new role at Ohio State recently.

Herman said that prior to his appointment as the Buckeye's offensive coordinator, he never had the opportunity to sit down with Urban Meyer. However, each off season Herman would study Meyer's offensive scheme from the 2005 season at Utah, as well as his Florida teams and patterned much of his offense off of that film study.

Herman said that the staff meetings at Ohio State are unique because of the variety of successful backgrounds sitting around the same table. Their focus has been to enhance the scheme that has been time tested and proven, not make "wholesale changes".

"We're not interested in new plays, so to speak. What we want to do is be able to enhance it and add to it and make sure it fits within the system".

In the full length Q&A Herman discusses the recruiting differences between his previous stops at Rice and Iowa State and Buckeye country, as his excitement about the personnel available at Ohio State.